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Short history and activity description

Created in 1996, Palcaro is a family-run enterprise specialized in the trading of live animals (bovine, ovine, porcine) for reproduction, fattening or slaughtering. The company is also specialized in the trading of Halal meat (beef, sheep and poultry) and traditional meat (beef, sheep, pork and poultry). The founders of the company have been building their business based on a 3 generation-long family experience. For more than 15 years Palcaro has been an indisputable actor for import and export of live animals with high genetic value for milk and meat.

Due to its rapid growth, the company has become recognized on different markets, on an international level and has developed a strong expertise on those different products.

The headquarters of Palcaro is located in Miercurea Ciuc, in the region of Transylvania, in Romania, and comprises different working units (Ciaracio, Nicolesti, Brasov). The farm in Ciaracio is specialized in export with a capacity for 1200 heads of bovine and 4000 heads of ovine. At Nicolesti, we collect, fatten, and prepare the designated animals for export. We can also receive animals from EU to prepare and distribute them through direct delivery, either to smaller farmers or to key accounts that require much more important quantities. Anyhow, we arrange on-time and direct deliveries to our buyers via air, sea or land. During transportation, we insure the well-being of the animals by respecting their rest periods, the sanitary conditions and the international norms & regulations.

The company perfectly knows the needs of the market and the products correspond to the expectations of the professionals and the final clients at an international level. Our goal is to supply our clients with high quality products that benefit from a modern technology and give an interesting outturn and result after the fattening cycle.

PALCARO in numbers

  • 22 employees
  • Headquarters in Miercurea Ciuc in Romania
  • More than 250 bovine bought/week
  • 1200 fattening spots and ability to integrate around 2000 heads
  • More than 250 breeder partners

Our strenghts

High quality, resilient animals
We offer animals from the mountains having a remarkable resistance and a natural diet.

A solid network
We work in partnership with a solid network of local producers, suppliers, collaborators from different departments as well as international freight forwarders. We have established this network amongst the breeders, the processors and the distributors and we closely follow them up on a day-to-day basis. To sum up, we collaborate with recognized, qualified and authorized field players.

Professional liability for animal health
The company is being particularly watchful about the sanitary condition of the premises by allocating a limited number of animals, by taking into consideration their age-group and by making sure their air volume is sufficiently supplied. In accordance with EU norms, preventive treatments are regularly completed in order to avoid risks of infection.

Professional liability for Food Safety
We also make sure to perfectly control the products and respect the health guidelines and requirements (control of cold chain, labelling, conditioning, packaging...).

Tailor-made solutions and complete tracking systems
Palcaro constantly pays attention to the market and listens to the clients ‘needs in order to be able to provide them the expected products & services.
The company offers:
- prospecting;
- sourcing;
- selection of the products;
- logistics;
- issuance of sanitary and customs-related documents;
- sales conditions adapted to each client;
- a complete follow-up and tracking.

The respect for the environment
Palcaro is concerned about the respect for the environment and sustainable development. Environmental regulations, quality and security are fully respected on all sites of the company thanks to the usage of the latest technologies and liable employees.
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